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We’re excited about what we do and it shows in our work. At The Law Office of Samuel A McCloud, customer service is our #1 priority. We’re constantly looking for new ways to better represent our clients. One of the best Criminal Defense law firms in the State of Minnesota. Sam has defended clients in every Judicial District in the State at one time or another.
Saint Paul Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes

When you are accused of a violent crime and face incarceration, it pays to have the best defense attorney in Minnesota on your side. From our first meeting, we will listen to your side of the story, examine the evidence closely, and offer professional legal advice to benefit your case and reduce your chance of a conviction.

Saint Paul DUI & Drug Charges

DUI & Drug Charges

An accusation of driving under the influence can have life-altering ramifications, but The Law Office of Samuel A McCloud remembers that you are innocent until proven guilty. We stand by your side and walk with you through every phase of the legal process, from our first meeting to your final day in court. Moreover, your attorney will be available around the clock to help you whenever you need legal or personal support.

Saint Paul Theft & Burglary

Theft & Burglary

Property crimes like burglary, shoplifting, or robbery are aggressively prosecuted in MN. That's why our attorneys are well versed in the details of theft and property crimes: so we can effectively and successfully defend your case to a jury. We have numerous success stories in which our clients have had their accusations reduced or eliminated completely, and we would be honored to do the same for you.